Build the Life of Your Dreams in 3 Hours a Day

“I have all the time in the world to work on my dreams.” Said no one ever.

But almost everyone says this at some point in their life, “I have so many dreams but I can’t seem to find the time to work on them.”

What if I told you that you have enough time to become the next Leonardo Da Vinci. What you are missing is to use that time for your growth. Because it looks small when we look at it on a day to day basis.

Anyone who is in a day job spends about 10 hours at work and on commute. 7 hours to sleep. 2 hours to get ready. 2 hours for recreation, eating, and rest. Total 21 hours. That leaves you with 3 discretionary hours in a day. You can use those hours as you please. If you only use these hours on weekdays you’ll get 780 hours (15*52) that you can invest in your growth. 

Over the next 40 years, you’ll get 31200 hours.

Going by the 10,000 hours rule, you can become a world-class expert in three different disciplines in your lifetime.

You can. But first, you’ll have to understand the power of discretionary hours and put them to good use.

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