Who Is Bigger — The Market or You?

The easy answer is – the market.

Because markets are huge and we are small.

What if every leader thought like that.

Then there would be no change in the world.

The bigger the change you are seeking, the bigger is the resolve you’ll need for it. 

And if you are not ready to drive it, someone else will be. Maybe because they are directly affected by what ‘not changing’ entails. Or maybe they are more empathetic.

These souls seek and drive change, irrespective of the size of the obstacles that stand in the way of change. I am grateful for those souls 🙂

We have the power to increase the speed of change. And, we can do it if we stopped passing the buck. If we saw ourselves as both the catalyst and drivers of the change.

That way there will be no wait for someone who will bring us salvation. And, we will share the weight on their shoulder making the entire endeavor less painful and swifter.

Do you think you have in you, the will and courage to drive the change?

You may not find it overflowing on top, and may need to dig deep inside in a corner of your heart 🙂

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