Interview Others To Build Your Brand, Strengthen Connections and Grow

I was recently talking to a startup founder, who I advise on growth.

So, one of the things they are doing to grow their brand is running an interview series with leaders.

Now, how do you use such interviews strategically?

You do it by always having a promotion plan in place, even if it is small, to get leverage.

For starters, pre-write a promo email for individual interviewees that they can send to their friends or to an email list if they have one. 

Also share premade posts for their social media. These posts should have their photo prominently featured. They can tease before the interview goes live. Share the schedule with them, and get them to tease the interview 1-2 days before it will be launched.

On the day of the launch, they can share a small note about the interview with the YouTube link on their social media. Be upfront wherever it is reasonable that you are doing it to bring a spotlight to their good work and also to spread the name and work of your brand.

You can also use such interviews for strengthening connections with your prospects. For that to happen you’ll have to be strategic about who you invite to the show. If you invite the right people they’ll tune into what you say and do. And, if you are smart about it you will follow up and win their business eventually.

It’s so straightforward. Hope you’ll try this out.

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