Why Lifestyle First Is a Great Approach to Building a Business

Because almost everyone who is an entrepreneur is either stressed or overworked.

They are in this state because they are out to build a ‘business’ or ‘startup’.

And, their focus is on maximizing profits.

For them it is business first. They are always on, strategizing ways to grow their business, and taking risks to grow it every week, every month, at a fast pace. Because a startup is a business that grows fast. As fast as 10% per week, as per Paul Graham.

Lifestyle first businesses are different. Entrepreneurs building them decide on the kind of lifestyle they want and then build their business that serves that lifestyle. 

But this is not the only approach to building a lifestyle first business. You may already be running a ‘startup’ or working towards building one. And, in the middle of it all, you can decide that you want to build a lifestyle first business instead.

How do you go about it then?

Identify what in your startup, is keeping you from living the lifestyle you want. Then, drop that or those things one by one. It can be too many employees, too many customers or low profit customers, or customized services. Find those things and replace them with what serves your desired lifestyle.

Want to travel a lot? Find customers who don’t want too many meetings. 

Want to work less? Then work on projects where you are paid based on value you create, or where you can create once and sell multiple times.

To make this approach work, you have to do you. 

Don’t be swayed by what the world is after. 

Carve your path. 

Find what is enough for you. 

And work towards that, while building a business that serves the life you want to live.

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