How to Fall in Love With What You Do?

Just change your relationship with what you do.

Stop looking at what you do, as something stressful. Something that you have to do.

Instead start looking at it from the perspective of what it does for you.

Think clearly and figure out if what you do:

  • Takes you closer to your dreams
  • Puts more money in your pocket
  • Allows you to work with other humans
  • Helps you learn something new
  • Gives you a meaningful way to spend your time

I am sure you can think of other ways, how what you do, can help you. 

Lead with that instead of stress that thought of doing something, causes you.

Next up, come to the ‘doing’ part itself. Once you have figured out the value in doing something, apply the power of hyper-focus – uninterrupted ‘doing’ of 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

It’ll take some effort and practice. It did for me. 

I used to think I could never work in small time slots between tasks or while I was waiting to get into something else. I thought I always needed 1-3 hours to accomplish something worthwhile.

Then I proved myself wrong. Now I am able to make good use of short bursts of time for useful output. I may not be able to get a polished note out in 5-10 minutes. But I can definitely do a first draft of an article or a client note. 

And, once you do something. It is behind you. You no longer have to do it again. It is done. It makes you satisfied. And, It makes you confident. That you can use to tackle more.

It is also useful in another way. It makes you focused. When you condition your mind to focus for short busts or time, you’ll find it becomes easier to stay focused for a longer time. Because your mind now has learned to get past the inertia and is able to get started and do whatever it wants to do for some time.

And, when you are focused, you get things done. You accomplish what you want to. And, when that happens you start loving what you do.

Of course, you can’t find reasons to love everything you do. And, it is wise to drop such things.

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