Leveraged Work

Many of us don’t need to work 8 hours to get 8 hours of work done.

Thanks to the power of machines, software, and automation, we can get 80 hours, even 800 or 8000 hours of work done by working 8 hours or even less.

This is possible because the modern day tools give us leverage.

Only a few make full use of this leveraged work opportunity. 

Those who do, win because they choose to get their work measured based on the output and not based on the time they spend on something.

Those who are not using this opportunity will eventually be left behind. This won’t happen because they did not have the right information. But because they did not look outside and explore new ways of working.

I wish we’ll use the power of tools and other forms of leveraged work available to us and carve out more time to enjoy life, spend time with loved ones, and work on what matters.

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