Improvisational Productivity

This idea comes from Daniel Gross, founder of Pioneer.

He said something on the lines that if we spend too much time thinking and planning about something interesting that we want to do, then when we come back to it later, we are not as excited about it.

This happens because the fun part of thinking and planning is already done, and what remains looks like work to us.

That is why it is best to practice improvisational productivity, and start with anything worthwhile as soon as you think about it.

This will work great for important personal projects. And if there is a team project, you can do your bit as soon as the idea comes to your mind.

We don’t have to work on everything that we think about, but we can start with anything that looks compelling enough soon after we think about it.

This concept is tangential to the idea I wrote about earlier, that the longer you wait to do something, there is lesser chance of you doing it.

I am sure with this approach we can convert more wants into done in the new year.

To put this idea into action, I ditched my idea to plan my podcast and do a mega launch and started the MVP version of it as an audio diary that you can listen to in the audio player below.

Let me know what you think about it.


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