Signs of Life

Seeing people walk by, honking vehicles, people talking, shouting, fighting and are all signs of life.

Now all these signs a gone because of the times we are living through.

That’s why life does not seem normal.

It is our duty to make our minds feel normal again.

You can’t force it but you can plan for it.

First, accept staying at home as the new normal.

Then find replacements for some of the things that made you feel like normal earlier.

If your morning newspaper was the ritual that made you feel normal, replace it with reading books.

If working out was the ritual, work out at home at the same time.

Work the same hours that you did.

Call more people and talk to them, to fill your life with conversations.

If you went out to work every day then keep those same work hours, except now you are doing it from home.

And if you are missing the noise then listening to some music that can fill that void.

Replace your commute time, with some activity like meditation to make yourself centered.

It won’t be long before it feels like the new normal.

Of course, while you do that take care of yourself and let’s hope that some of the chaos of the past is back soon 🙂


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