Less Maintenance, More Life

Life is for living.

The body is the vehicle that we use to live life.

We can get the most out of life, if this vehicle is in top shape, is efficient, and does not spend too much time slacking in the garage. What does slacking in garage means for our bodies? It means the time we spend sleeping, lazing around or when we are down with sickness and time we spend recuperating.

Sleep is non-negotiable because it is the body’s natural recovery mechanism. Medical experts recommend getting 8 hours per night. That means we need to sleep for â…“ rd of our lives. That is the time when we are not ‘living’.

Can we reduce sleeping time without reducing the efficiency of our bodies? If we are able to do it we can increase our life span, if not the absolute number of years then at least the time we spend living every day. So, it is worthwhile to find a way to reduce sleep to the extent that we are well-rested and in 100% action mode.

Based on exploration and experiments, I have figured that our eating habits play a big role in how much sleep we need. I also noticed that eating aligned with circadian rhythms (that is between 10-12 in the morning, and between 6-8 pm at night) and sleeping early while still keeping a gap of 2-3 hours between the last meal of the day and bedtime, we can stay alert and reduce our daily sleep quota.

Our body’s well being is dependent on the strength of our immune system and the balance of our body’s natural intelligence system. Optimum use of our mind, body, and senses helps with this. Meditation is also useful for achieving this state of balance.

If you are also keen to reduce the time it takes to maintain your body then start by reducing the frequency of eating. Once you do this and if you see the benefits then add mediation to the mix. Also, ensure that you are not overexerting your mind, body, and senses.

Hopefully this way, you’ll be able to get more out of life.

Do you think it is worth trying?

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