Practice In Public But Not Before You Have Done It In Private

You can never be 100% ready.

And there is no perfect time to show up in the world with your skills and what you do.

This brings us to the tricky question of when to show up in the world and with which skills.

Show up with the skills that you consider yourself good at. Something you are naturally good at or something you have honed over time.

This also depends on the stage of your career you are at. If you are already seen as an expert, then make sure that you have had some practice because you have a reputation to protect. Even then don’t put off showing up for a long time. Set a time limit for private practice. It can be a month or 100 days but once you have the basics under control, go out and share what you know, what you are learning, and your experiments, along with the mistakes you made.

If you are just starting out then be cool with practicing in public is fine because there won’t be a lot of people who’ll care what you do. If you are at this stage, you’ll have to find motivation within you because there is no one to clap when you show up. Find this motivation, write when no one is reading, show up when no one is watching, and practice when no one is around. Because this is how you get better at what you do.

Irrespective of your level of experience, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Be grateful that you can do what you do, you have the opportunity to show up, and get better at your craft. 

And, remember starting small, bad or poor is not a crime, ending that way is. Once you start, continue to iterate. Find a mentor, join a mastermind and as soon as possible check if people are willing to pay for what you do. Because if people are willing to pay for your skills, then you must be creating some value.

Now, time for some practice. Are you ready?

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