The Lens of Transformation

I was talking to a creator friend.

She is well known in her chosen space across the world.

She is in a space where she is focusing on monetizing her expertise and creating new avenues of growth and exploration.

And, she does not want to do courses and cohorts, like every established creator seems to be doing these days.

I asked her to stop worrying about whether she wanted to do courses and cohorts or not — and start looking at what she chooses to offer from the lens of transformation.

What does it mean?

It means that you choose your learning experience and the learning format based on what is right for transforming everyone who learns with you.

Why does it matter?

Because unless your learners experience transformations, they will not tell other learners about it. And without worth of mouth, it will be hard to onboard new users or retain existing ones. So this will limit your growth potential.

Another dilemma creators face is that learners are at different journey stages. It is possible to solve this by offering one learning path: beginner, intermediate to advanced.

Those who are intermediate can skip the beginner level, and those who are advanced can skip the first two levels.

If you are in learning mode or want to be a teaching creator the look is the formats you chose and how you teach through the lens of transformation.

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