#1500 Posts Done

I wrote and published 1207 of these in a row.

One day at a time.

It is just a number.

But it is also a memory.

And a record of a journey.

It’s a reminder to tell me and others that, bit by bit, things add up.

It’s also a result of a commitment to creating, publishing, and sharing every day.

It is a result of doing it despite feeling at times that growth isn’t happening or it’s happening like I would have wanted.

There have been times when I did just it to keep up the commitment with little focus on the craft of writing, but through those times, good writing and ideas emerged.

Who knows, without the ‘act’ of writing and publishing, whether I’ll have the momentum that I have today.

It has gotten more manageable than it was, but it is not always easy.

I keep going because I know stagnation is death and promises should be kept.

I am curious, what is something you have done for the longest time without a break.

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