Want To Grow? Find Better Company and Compare Yourself With Others

Getting better company is a sure-shot way of improving yourself. 

So connect with those who are on a similar path as yours and of these people, find 1, 2, or 3 people who are open to sharing about their journey, their struggles, and what’s working for them.

Use these insights in your own journey. With them, you can also run self-organized challenges or monthly sprints, where you focus on one goal every month and work towards getting better at it.

If you do it consistently for a year, results will surprise you.

Comparison is a reality check.

It tells you whether you suck or if you are better than others.

Most people are in the middle and often realize that they are better than they thought.

When you compare yourself to others you also realize how others are better and use that as fuel for action.

You don’t have to compare yourself with those you learn with. It’s ok to look outside at others in your space.

It can be stress-inducing too if you just compare and don’t act. In that case, don’t compare and do something else to grow.

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