You Don’t Need To Know Everything To Be a Success

You can just enough and still be a success. 

The key is to keep trying different things until you find something that clicks,

Be smart about trying things where you have innate talent or kind curiosity that drives you to continue learning until you get good at it.

Chance and luck play their role.

So be sure to improve the luck surface areas for you, by learning the game, the rules, and knowing the operators.

Study the market you are playing in.

Figure out where the players or customers in that market hangout

And know the operators, the people who matter in that space, who can help you to reach those players in a shorter time while you build your own distribution machine.

Understand that your craft is the keyword here, if you are good operators will help you. If you are not, they can’t do much even if they want to.

So every single day, spend time working on your craft and becoming better at what you do. It can be making stuff, selling, creating art, or leading a business. It does not matter where you start, and you can start at zero like everyone. Just don’t stay stuck there.

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