How Long Should a Landing Page Be?

Have you seen a long sales page, that went on and on, and you wondered who will read a sales page so long that it will take half an hour to read through it?

And why would someone invest so much time, energy, and money in making a landing page?

And when the time comes to make a landing page, you get confused if you should make a long landing page or a short one because you don’t have as much to share as you saw on that very long and well-designed page.

Here is a simple answer.

The length is proportional to what you are charging for the product or offer you are selling through the landing page.

Free offer – short page. This goes for a landing page for lead magnets or a free email course. 

The logic is that for a free offer a short page works well because people don’t want to take a lot of time to understand its value. For context, check out my free digital marketing course. This landing page got us 13k+ subscribers and 10k of those came in 59 days.

The bigger the value and price of the offer, the longer the sales page should be. 

That’s why the landing page for a low-cost offer (anything under $100) should be longer than what you’ll make for a free offer.

And, for a high ticket offer where people pay $2-3k, a long page will work fine. Because those who are interested in such an offer are willing to read through the long sales pages, and also because they need a lot of convincing.

Hope this helps you build your next landing with clarity and confidence.

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