Unleash the Power of a Skill Stack



Tell stories


Make videos



Learn to do just one of these well and you’ll be in demand.

If you combine two of these skills, you’ll build a career.

Think of the possibilities.

Write + talk = public speaker

Write + make videos = creator/youtuber

Design + tell stories = an ace designer

Write + tell stories = copywriter/marketer

Code + design = a high paid developer/full-stack web designer

Make video + tell stories = filmmaker/ ad films maker

There are more possibilities and what is possible is only limited by your imagination.

Now if you are really good at two and decent at another one, imagine what will happen, you’ll become a powerhouse, you’ll become irreplaceable.

Imagine if you learn to do all of these, and get good at 3 or 4. What will happen then?

You’ll become a one-person media company. No more middlemen, you can do whatever you want to, you can reach out to whoever you want, just on the back of your craft.

And, how do you start on this path?

Just by learning one skill.

You probably already have one skill.

So, now add one more skill on top of it and keep on repeating and growing.

Eventually, you may not be doing everything yourself, but knowing these will make sure that even if someone else does it for you, you’ll be able to get it done better.

If you keep at it, rewards will be beyond your expectations.

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