10 Courses Every Professional Should Take

Deliberate practice and continuous learning is the difference between the professionals who win and those who lose.

Here are 10 courses (all on LinkedIn Learning) that can help you win in your career.

1. Writing with Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer by Shani Raja

At 5 hours long, this will take time to go through but it will be worth it because writing is a big part of any professional’s life.

2. Communicating with Confidence by Jeff Ansell

Jeff dispels many myths and you will learn about Organizing your thoughts, using your body to reinforce speech, handling nervousness, voice modulation, and more.

3. Selling to the C-Suite by Jeff Bloomfield

This course is about a lot more than selling to the C-Suite. At some point in your career, you’ll get in a room with people at the top. This course will help you shine in those situations.

4. How to Manage Your Manager by Pete Mockaitis

Managing up is an essential skill for any professional who works in a job. To learn about this, start with Pete’s course.

5. Managing Your Manager by Todd Dewett

Once you’ve gone through Pete’s course above, check out Todd Dewett’s course. He shares interesting insights on how self-reflection is a starting point for understanding others, identifying the most effective ways to promote your accomplishments, examining ways to repair a damaged relationship with your manager, and more.

6. Powerless to Powerful: Taking Control by Fred Kofman 

Fred Kofman is an executive coach who works with people like Reif Hoffman, LinkedIn founder, and many such leaders. In this course, Fred shares how you can choose to embrace life’s challenges, and shows how to help others do the same through support and coaching.

7. Critical Thinking by Mike Figliuolo

Critical thinking helps one think reflectively and independently to make thoughtful decisions. By focusing on root-cause issues, critical thinking helps you avoid future problems that can result from your actions. In this course, Mike Figliuolo shares techniques and different strategies to help you develop these skills.

8. Developing Executive Presence by John Ullmen

Though targeted at executives, I believe this is one course everyone should take early in their career, because at some point you’ll be an executive. In this, John shares how to stand out in a talented crowd, get heard and have people wanting to hear more from you. 

9. Learning Personal Branding by Chelsea Krost

In this course, Chelsea explains how to develop your story, craft your messaging, and define your audience. Then she walks you through building your brand presence, keeping your content fresh, and shares tips to monetize your personal brand and land speaking engagements. 

10. Shane Snow on Storytelling

Those who tell great stories, rule the world. In this course, Shane Snow shares the science of great stories, how to sell stories, how to engage audiences with stories, and more.

Hope you spend some time learning and growing with these courses.

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