Keeping Relationships Alive

We are alone in birth and death but we don’t live alone.

At different times in our lives, we experience our relationships with parents, family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

We live a part of our lives through these relationships. 

All of our relationships may not mean the world to us but they are what makes the world for us.

The busy lives we live, don’t often allow time to think about these relationships and what they mean. But it does not mean that they don’t matter.

Some of our relationships grow and some don’t. It depends on how much we water the plants of our relationships. Communication is at the core of this.

Just by communicating often we can keep the relationships, the ones we consider important, alive.

It’s not tough. Two things matter. That we want to do it and then finding time for it.

For me, not going too long without talking and meeting, and batching calls works the best. In some cases where the relationship is special, I reserve a part of the day or the day.

How do you keep your relationships alive?

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