Strive For More But Be Content With Less

Growth is a tricky business.

Behind it is ambition.

The ambitious among us strive to reach higher, to catch what is beyond our reach, and to become better than we are.

Ambition is good but there is something not so good called ‘dissatisfaction’ that goes hand in hand with it.

Is it possible to grow without being dissatisfied?

Not sure if there is a way to totally erase it but there is definitely a way to reduce dissatisfaction.

You can do it by striving for more but being content with less.

For example, if you set yourself a goal of making $1 million then work towards this goal every day but also learn to be content with whatever you’ve got at the moment.

Once you get a grasp of this idea, your life will change for good because you can apply it in many other areas of life.

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