Short Long Work Cycles

Are you self disciplined and motivated?

Do you want to ship projects and move forward?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to change your approach to work.

One efficient approach is not measuring your output on a day to day basis. And, to take a longer-term view of creation and output, and see what you can achieve in a month or 45 days.

It works because a work cycle of 30-45 days, is short enough to not make you tired, and long enough to allow significant output without needing to rush.

You can use this approach for writing a book, launching an app, searching for a job, for becoming proficient in a new skill, or for anything else that takes more than a day or a week and matters for your growth or satisfaction.

Accountable and responsible teams can also follow this same approach, and ship products and features without needing to be pushed or getting stressed.

This approach is so effective that you might want to adopt this for all the work you do and run work cycle after cycle. Which is fine but always keep a buffer of about 2 weeks between each work cycle. This makes sure that there are no loose ends and also saves you or your team from burning out.


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