Step Up Your Marketing Efforts After You Land a New Client

It’s common for service based business owners to stop marketing after they win new business.

Either they get too comfortable or get too busy delivering the services they sell.

The point is that marketing should go on.

Because no clients stay for life and even if they stay for a few months or years, you want to add new ones to grow your business.

The only way to continue marketing after onboarding new clients is to make it a priority and assign the responsibility of it on some person.

For that you need to carve budgets. Do that by assigning a percentage of cash flow that comes in, to marketing. It can be 1%, 5% or 10% depending on where you are in business.

Another approach, an even better one, is to get yourself out of delivery, so that you can focus on marketing your business most of the time.

Don’t only market yourself, market yourself too.

Share what you are building, and ask questions to build connections.

Share what you know and help others to build credibility and a following.

So do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, but don’t stop marketing.

Be proactive about it and not reactive and only do it when you need new clients.

When you do it well, you will build a lead flow that will keep you calm, in business and growing.

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