Writing a Book? Whether To Do a Digital or Print Version?

A friend is writing a book.

I shared some advice with him on whether to go with a print version or digital version.

Sharing the same with you.

You’ll find it useful if you are planning to write a book or already writing one.

This is based on my experience as an author.

The simple answer is this.

Do a digital version if you want to spread your ideas and also want it to help your brand. 

Do a print version if you want to win business on the back of the book.

Whatever you do, make sure to get a good cover. It makes a ton of difference because that’s what people see when they see your book (listing) on your site, on Amazon or in any other book store.

If cover wasn’t important you could have just printed a bunch of paper, put it in a binder and offered it for sale.

So, of the two books I wrote, the first one was co-authored with Derek Sivers. He chose to do only the digital version because of environmental reasons. It sold well because of Derek’s massive brand and a huge email list.

I wrote and published the next one, The Digital Marketing Handbook, myself. For it, I did the print version first because even before I had started writing it after getting a big order and the buyer, an institution, wanted a print version.

The book continued to sell but the biggest benefit was credibility and business boost.

If I was doing it again, do the print version first again, because of the impact it had on my business.

I along with other smart folks shared here how a book can help with biz growth. See if it helps.

Happy to chat if you want to discuss.

Go with Amazon KDP, if you want to sell in international markets and don’t want to go through the hassle in setting up partnerships in those markets.

When you use Amazon’s print on demand and if your book is good, it may land in a few physical stores as they may pick copies to showcase in the store.

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