The Lessons We Can Learn From TV Series

Have you binge-watched a TV series off late?

I am scared of watching them because the good ones can keep me hooked from one episode to another and one season to another through the climax. This means settling for low productivity for the time it takes to go through 40-50 episodes in case of a multi-season series.

Creators of these series use tools like the hook and the cliffhanger to make this happen.

But their magic starts with the pilot where they come big at you, opening with enticing visual imagery and flashy scenes, showing you their big cards at the beginning itself, and then closing with a bang.

They know you have given them a shot by choosing to watch their pilot and want you to continue to the next episode. This only happens if the impact of the pilot episode is solid and it leaves you wanting you more.

What if you did the same with your work?

If you did, you’ll get people hooked and they will want to explore more of it. It can work in a lot of different areas. You just need to create a gateway that creates a solid first impression. 

For a YouTube creator, it will be the channel promo. For a consultant, it can be a book. For a writer, it a well-thought research or essay the kind that takes months to finish, will do the trick.

It may be worth it to create your own pilot. Think about what it’ll be for you?

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