Pay Attention to Information Accessibility

This works for both the unconscious mind and the real world.

I can see that I am more likely to pay attention and act on information that is clearly visible to me all the time.

That is why a whiteboard with yearly, monthly, and weekly goals mentioned on them works wonders for most people.

It works because it helps the unconscious mind — the processes that occur automatically and are not available for introspection.

The accessibility of information is an important factor that affects the working of the unconscious mind.

That is why writing down your goals makes it more likely for you to achieve them.

Because it increases the ease with which the goals come to your mind.

You can improve your chances of achieving your goals by keeping them in sight and reviewing them daily or as often as possible.

By doing that, you can keep those goals more active in your mind, making it more likely to take action on them.

So think about what is important to you and then figure out a way to constantly remind yourself that those goals matter.

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