Hiring Is One of the Highest ROI Activities for Any Entrepreneur. Here Is How To Do It Well.


And, you don’t even need to hire too many people or superstars to make it work.

Hire 5 people doing what you do at 80% of your execution level. And you instantly multiplied yourself by 4x.

Hire 10 people doing what you do at 70% of your execution level. And you instantly multiplied yourself by 7x.

Even when you consider the time and effort that goes into managing and communicating with a team, you’ll have a net positive return on output, and the time you save and the hassle you get free is a big bonus.

Don’t expect yourself to be good at hiring from the word go.

Like most other skills, it is an acquired skill.

Expect yourself to make bad hires early on.

If and when that happens, don’t worry about sunk costs. Instead, fire as soon as you realize you made a bad hire. If you linger on a bad hire, it will hurt your culture.

To do it well, actively work on getting better at hiring.

Read books, take courses and talk to people who have done it in the past.

Read the following books to get started.

1/ Who Not How by Benjamin Hardy

2/ Who: The A Method for Hiring by Geoff Smart (For hiring leaders and people in senior roles)

Also, check out: 

3/ Evidence-Based Recruiting by Atta Tarki

4/ High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting by Barbara Bruno

Happy hiring and growing!

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