Salute To Those Hosting In-person Events

It takes a lot to host an in-person event and more to do it right.

Starting from getting people to register, or to buy the tickets.

Both paid and free events are tricky because there are so many moving pieces that come into play. Preparedness of speakers, ambiance, visuals, attendee travel, food, accessibility of location, light, and sound and a lot more.

In case of a paid event, you have the responsibility of returning value in multiple of what people paid for.

Free-to-attend events are even trickier.

You are never sure how many will turn up because those who register because they don’t have much skin in the game.

Whether it be a free event or paid, it makes sense to understand that people are distracted and if they decide to attend your event they are paying with their attention. And you may not get a second take so bring your best game to the show.

And, when you decide to host or speak at an event go all in. That is the only way to shine and make it worth an attendee’s time.

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