How To Deal With Ungrateful People

I met someone today.

This person asked for some help which she could not have gotten from anywhere else at that point.

I made a small sacrifice and helped her out.

Later she wrote a story and mentioned what I gave her and hid the truth about how she got the said thing. I did not feel good about it.

Such incidences want you to not help others again. But that’s the test. We can deal with it by understanding that not everyone acts with kindness and gratefulness, not because they are bad people but because they think about themselves before they think about anyone else like most people.

You can also take it easy because you don’t want such people in your life. You can steer clear of them for next time around and be thankful that they acted like a jerk and good that they no longer are in your life.

Understanding that you helped them and not the other way round helps. Also knowing that it is a privilege that you could and you should be grateful for it, instead of worrying whether another person was grateful.

And, a wise person has said if you don’t expect anything from another person you’ll be free. This is worth trying and can act as a shield from ungrateful people.

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