Want To Grow? Quit What’s Holding You Back

It is easy to understand,

Not so easy to implement.

  • It can be a business that is sucking you in.
  • A job you hate.
  • People who pull you down.
  • A place or environment that is not conducive for your goals
  • Food that does not serve you

I have quit a lot of things in life that did not serve me, even when they looked like a bad choice from outside. A high paying and prestigious position that I was in for close to a decade, that was easy on time and big on money because I figured it didn’t serve me anymore and it opened new avenues of growth and opportunities.

Or something as simple as quitting tea, 6 years ago and coffee about 4 months back. Both have had a great impact on my life, in terms of self control and how I feel energywise.

At times we keep on doing things because we don’t want to quit or because of sunk cost fallacy but it is wise to look at the empirical evidence if what you are doing has helped in doing what you want to do or living the kind of life you want to live.

If you find yourself stuck in such a loop, time to get off the treadmill?

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