Do Important Before Urgent

If you are focused on urgent, you won’t find space for what’s important.

How does one find space for important things?

By tackling it before the urgent, when your energy is at its peak.

The simplest way to do it is to sleep early and get up in the morning and tackle important things before the day even begins for most people.

It works because in the morning we have more physical, and mental energy.

So we can use physical energy to take action and mental energy to make decisions, two key parts of doing hard things.

Mornings also work great because later in the day, decision fatigue sets in, willpower is at its lowest in the day, and due to this we are more likely to consume than create.

When you take care of important things first thing in the morning, you become free to tackle urgent things, some of which are often needed to take care of your bread and butter.

And this way you also create room for experimentation and learning which helps you grow even faster because experimentation and learning create leverage, and take you to a place where urgency does not remain a major part of the day.

Wish you do more of what matters and always have space for following your curiosities, passion, and learning.

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