One of the Most Important Things an Entrepreneur Can Do

It is to hire people to help her.


Because entrepreneurs are by nature ambitious and seek freedom.

Freedom comes when you aren’t tied to the clock. And growth comes from thinking and executing bigger plans.

Having people to help, do the work, and turn your vision into reality helps with both.

If you are a small player or solo operator and can’t hire full-time yet, hire part-time help.

To find out who to hire, continuously document where your time is going. Make a list of tasks you are doing, and once a week, list next to it if someone else can do it. If you think someone else can, hire them, full or part-time.

Aim to reach a point where you are working in your zone of genius, ensuring there is money in the bank and the business is running like a well-oiled machine.

Hiring will continue to be your most important activity. You’ll save both time and money with a good hire.

When your business grows, hire a person to help you hire. Ok, if you have to do it part-time first. Then, find one on Upwork to start.

Not everything/everyone you’ll try will work. So keep aside some money to experiment, learn and get good with hiring. It will pay big dividends.

Another way to approach this is to look at the value of your work. Ask yourself whether you are doing $10/hour, $100/hour, or $1000/hour work?

Start by hiring someone to do your $10/hour work, get value and then hire someone to do $100/hour work. It is logical because you’ll have to pay less to someone doing $10/hour than someone who does $100/hour.

Eventually, aim to do only the highest value work.

So who are you going to hire next?

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