3 Superpowers Worth Having

We all live.

But we all don’t live to our full potential.

We can try to do that.

And the superpowers below may help you with it.

1. Articulating a problem or process well

When you do that, it is easy to find a solution.

Life is a game when we find our way around situations, get work done, and tell people what they need to do.

And, articulating a problem well and how something is done makes it super simple for us and for others to act on it.

2. Choosing pain over pleasure

Much of what happens in our lives results from how we look at pain and pleasure.

Overindulgence in life’s pleasures often leads to negative consequences.

Whereas a certain kind of pain emerges when we train and body and brain to be focused and resilient or when we build new habits, cultivating financial discipline creates positive outcomes.

So, choosing pain over pleasure when we know it will lead to growth and comfort, in the long run, is a superpower worth having.

3. Embracing change

The world around us is changing all the time.

And, we only remain relevant if we change with it.

Only if it was so easy.

For it to work, we need discipline and drive. 

We need to learn and unlearn, and we need to be courageous enough to set foot in new territories without knowing what is in store for us.

Put yourself in new surroundings and among new people often so that change is routine for you.

Do you think you can do that?

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