Act Like The Person You Want to Become

Start with the end in mind.

Ask yourself who you want to become.

A creator

A writer

A fit person

Someone incredible with people.

A great orator

Financially free

To start with who you want to be.

Then explore and figure out what the person you want to become does.

Identify the micro-skills and daily actions that take.

A good writer reads, makes a swipe file of ideas, writes, edits, and publishes, day in day out. Someone who writes online will have a good typing speed, so that is a micro skill worth building.

If you want to become a writer then do what they do daily and you’ll become a good writer yourself.

A person becomes financially free by avoiding overspending, building high-income skills, saving, keeping a track of their numbers, and investing. To become one yourself, do all this.

You see it is not a single action that makes a person who they are, they do a bunch of things.

So decide who you want to be, and do all that person does consistently.

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