An Idle Mind Is Not the Devil’s Workshop

There are times when an idle mind gives birth to new ideas and lets you see opportunities that would otherwise not be visible.

Some of my biggest wins in the past 3-4 years came from ideas that appeared during idle time.

Twice a year, I take 2 month-long breaks where I don’t do much ‘work’.

During one of these breaks, which occurs around year-end, I review the year that was, plan for the next year, and start new experiments and routines.

For the break, I don’t plan anything. I follow my curiosities and do what I like. There is no set plan.

But I ask my subconscious and pray to find a path that will lead me to where I want to go.

It is during this break that I often find breakthroughs.

I also take longer breaks which are most like a long sabbatical.

My last sabbatical was in 2019, which was for around a year. Most of it was idle time, but I explored places, met new people, learned new things, and built new habits. 

All this set me on a path to immense personal and professional growth.

If you don’t have many responsibilities or responsibilities you have taken care of, consider taking a more extended break and doing nothing during that time to allow yourself space for new ideas and people.

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