22 Lesson Learned in 2022

1/ I’m good enough.

2/ Sleep is the best medicine.

3/ You won’t know until you try.

4/ Make room for fun in your life.

5/ Growth comes from stretching yourself.

6/ Work for your dreams, and they come true.

7/ Show up often, and good things will happen

8/ Over Communicate, even when it is uncomfortable.

9/ Just start. Do it every day and win over resistance.

10/ Don’t assume others know or realize what you mean. Tell them.

11/ Be ruthless about avoiding and deleting what drains your energy.

12/ Slow growth is growth too. Often it’s more enjoyable and sustainable.

13/ Being curious and open to new ideas and perspectives is a superpower

14/ You may not have an opinion about everything, and that’s alright. Stick to what you know.

15/ Mindset matters more than most of us realize. It is one of the best ways to change your life.

16/ Always have something that you do without worrying about financial gains or looking good.

17/ You don’t need new tools or gadgets to start something new. Use what you have and go from there.

18/ Removing space between thought and action makes you productive and gives you momentum.

19/ Life is more random than we think. We need to be open to it, so some random experiences turn lucky for us.

20/ You’ll always find the most significant source of happiness within you. You have to look for it. Even when you find it outside, it’ll be fleeting.

21/ When stuck with a problem, seek help and get a new perspective. It’s better than fighting with it yourself, getting frustrated, and dropping it.

22/ In business relationships, document everything, asks, commitments, promises, deliverables, timelines, and anything else that can be held against you.

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