Put the Power of Visualization to Use

As a teen, I visualized myself speaking to large audiences.

I did this repeatedly over the years.

What I visualized came true sooner than I expected.

I didn’t start with the enormous audiences I imagined, but I made a start.

I didn’t think people would invite me to speak and pay me to do that.

So often, there will be side benefits to any reasonable outcome you visualize that you may not have foreseen.

UCLA researched the impacts of visualization on creative achievement.

As per this, instead of visualizing the outcome – we should visualize taking daily action that will take us close to the goal. 

Imagine all the emotions you’ll feel when taking that action.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I always used to think about the feelings I’ll have when speaking to that audience, and I always visualized in 3D, with sounds and light that accompanied the scenery I imagined.

Do you have a burning desire or an important goal you want to achieve? Try using the power of visualization there.

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