Write a Book But Don’t Publish It. Do This Instead.

This is for non-fiction writers.

Outline your book.

Write the first draft.

Edit it.

But don’t publish it.

What to do instead?

Break it into about 25-50 articles. Each chapter becomes an article.

Break the same content into 50-100 videos.

Break it into 100-500 posts for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

And, also convert it into 500-1000 tweets. A 60,000 words book at 100 words per tweet will be 600 tweets.

Now start posting it.

Of course be practical.

You don’t have to have the entire book done beforehand. You can do a rough draft over 2-3 months. 

Then you won’t need to create any new content for the next 1 year or so.

But this post is not about ease of content creation.

This is about creating impact.

With this approach, you can use the same content as what will go in the book, to create wider distribution and visibility for your ideas in the book.

And when you start posting the ideas online, you will get feedback and new ideas will emerge so you’ll improve the content inside the book.

The Other Benefit and How You Can Write a Book Even if You Are Not a Writer

Not everyone is a writer.

You may think of yourself as one of those.

So start with writing the minimum you can.

How about a 50-80 word tweet every week day?

You can write them in a batch and schedule to publish every day.

In a month or two, start posting 2 tweets a day and bump it to 100 words each.

Two 100 word tweets will mean 200 words every day.

Do it for 250 days in a year and you’ll have 50,000 words without trying a lot or without sitting for a long time to write your book.

The impact benefit will be the same as it will be if you deduce to break your book draft into tweet or other forms of micro content.

It may sound a bit of effort but when you do it everyday you’ll get into the rhythm of writing and publishing and will not be able to ‘not’ do it.

If you still can’t find inspiration to write then start by commenting on other people’s posts. Start by apprearcing what others are saying.

And after some time you’ll start wanting to add to conversation. It will be natural. 

You’ll see a post and you’ll want to add a comment.

And when this urge to comment becomes too much, start to post on your own handles.

Even then, continue to post comments, to keep yourself motivated.

By this time, you will have the ideas and rhythm to post a longish post 200-400 words and 2-5 tweets of 100 words.

In a year’s time, you will have enough content to fill not one but two books.

In the process, you would have created something more powerful.

A community, much bigger than what you started with. Thousands of people in most cases and more in some cases.

And, the attention of this community, will be enough to sell a lot of copies of your book. 

Definitely more better than what you would do without a community.

Does it sound like something that can help you?

If yes, then give it a shot.

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