Don’t Be Scared To Change Your Story

change your story because your future is on the line

A friend of mine studied business in college. She also dabbled in graphic design while she was studying. Once she completed her studies she started freelancing as a designer. On the side, she was doing photography for a website for aspiring models.

We met when a friend of a friend recommended her as an MC for an event I was hosting. That was her side gig. A couple of years later she started dabbling in theatre. From there she went to appear in a short film. Later, she became a regular in different web series.

I have seen her change paths and change her story many times. She never made a big deal about it until she became a big deal herself. In a world obsessed with views, her videos and films continue to get millions of views.

I like how she did it.

I’m sure she’ll be fine if she changes her story again.

Why can’t we keep changing our story until we find our calling?

This is how you do what you really want to do.

Not by overthinking, but by doing it.

I wanted to be a film-maker so I didn’t over think it. I applied to film school and joined at the first opportunity.

And, that was not the only time I time I changed my story.

I changed it to be a digital marketer.

And, later to be an author and many times in between.

We often don’t do what we want to do because we are scared to change our stories.

To justify this fear, we create different stories in our head – some logical and others mostly baseless.

The point remains that you can change your story.

You don’t need everyone’s permission before you do it.

What If You Have More Than One True Calling?

No worries.

We are slowly moving into an era where having more than one vocation will not be unusual, it will be the norm instead.

Why can’t you be the salesperson who writes?

Or the marketer who is also an artist?

Or the employee who also has a side hustle?

Or an accountant who is also a professional dancer?

If you want to change your story now is a good time.

So, what will your new story be?

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