How To Feel Better Instantly?

With so much chaos around we need to find ways to stay calm.

Here are some things that work.

  1. Think of what is good in your life. Then express gratitude for it even when no one is listening.
  2. Pick something that has been unfinished for a while. Spend some time working on it so that you move forward with it.
  3. Help someone in need. Through your words, by guiding them or any other way you think is right.
  4. Take a bath. It not only cleanses our body but also our thoughts, more because up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
  5. Go for a run. It helps get fresh oxygen in our bodies and minds and is sure to make us feel better.
  6. Clean your surroundings. This reduces visual and cognitive load and is therapeutic.
  7. Work on something that matters to you. When you move forward on what matters to you, you’ll sure feel better.
  8. Act like you are already successful and have everything you need because mind does not know the difference.

What will you add to this?

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