Stop Deferring Your Goals and Dreams to Tomorrow

If something matters to you, do it now.

And if it is something big that you want to do – like quitting your job, moving to a new city, or downsizing your life – take the first step towards it today.

Even for a big goal, you can do a lot today, just learn to block everything else out.

Don’t be a fool while implementing this, take small risks and dip your feet in the water you want to swim later to gauge the depth.

Until then a part of you may suffer but that suffering will be on purpose, like to save, to minimize risk.

Taking action today matters even more because the future is uncertain.

And best to live the life you want to live, today than dreaming about a future where you’ll do all you want to do.

If we stop deferring action to tomorrow, we can win a lot more and win big. It does not take a massive effort. Just a habit to do it now and not later.

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