Delegating Well Is an Art. Here Is How To Do It Right

This is based on my learning and experience over the years. Hope it’s helpful for you.

Delegate to the person who has the skills and desire to do what you want done

This is the most important. Don’t ask a farmer to code. I mean, a farmer can code, but that’s not usual. So find someone with the right skills and first give them a paid assignment to see how well they are doing it.

If someone is upbeat about the work when they talk, can turn it around in time, and come up with their ideas, it’s a signal that they like the work. Learn to sense these signals, ask them directly how they like the work, and then ask which part of the work they like the most. Then, if that’s the part you want done and it will help your goals, hire them and delegate as I’ve shared below.

Give clear instructions, and also share the context

For most tasks, recording a Loom video is the best way to explain why something needs to be done and how it is to be done. Therefore, it is best to include 2-3 such videos in the job description while hiring and ask only those to apply who can do those tasks well. Do this if your hiring pool is large enough, or it can be the second. 

Spend quality time with them during the first two months

If you give a new hire instructions and give them no additional support to do what they are doing, it will be similar to pushing them into the ocean and asking them to figure it out while they try to learn to swim. 

Don’t do that. Spend 1:1 time with them, and show them how something is done. Give them feedback as soon as possible so that they know how well they are doing and what they need to change to match your expectations. Also, ask how they like the work and if you can change anything to help them do their job better. Often their suggestions will make the process more efficient and better.

Make sure they have the tools to do the job

A new hire helps take the work off of your plate. If they are efficient and can do what they need to do in less time with the help of the right tool, it will be good for both of you.

Continuing with the feedback and updates to the system as you move

Work is dynamic, so new things will keep coming, including those in your systems to track work, give feedback, and work them as you did initially to make sure that the person you delegate it to does it well. Of course, if the time you spend with them was 10 hours in the first month, it will be only 1 hour or so. This is well worth it because a good hire can quickly free up 10-60 hours every month for you or whoever job she helps with.

Hope you’ll put it to good use and reap the benefits.

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