9 Steps To Become a Highly Paid Consultant

1. Do something that will build your reputation and pull the right customers to you. The most brilliant way to do this is to share your knowledge on a platform where your potential customers hang out or do it via a newsletter.

2. Through your platform, make it known that you advise/ consult with customers also that you don’t come cheap by giving a range of your fees.

3. Show proof of results by sharing past successes. You don’t need many. One quality result will make the right customers take note and reach out to you.

4. Meet or talk and share a broad version of what they should be doing to achieve their desired results.

5. It is also a discovery for you to see if the potential customer is the right fit for you. So figure out if they have money, are they willing to part with it, and can you offer them value in multiples of what they will pay?

6. If there is a fit, schedule a follow-up call. On this call, share some micro-steps and more about what this customer should do on a macro-level. Most importantly, DO THE THINKING FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AHEAD OF TIME, because thinking is hard and customers can’t do it themselves that’s why they seek help. And tell them that you can go into more detail if they engage professionally with you, and this is the fee they should pay in that case. Tell them your terms of engagement, timeline, etc., and set expectations if they say yes. Ask them if they are okay will it all. If they say, move to the next step.

7. Send an agreement, invoice, and a document with your process and other things you shared on the call (this will be the same for all customers with minor modifications.

8. Start work, deliver more than you promised, wow the customers, and pitch for more work, with three price options to make it easy to say yes.

9. Rinse and repeat.

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