Eat Less Poop More When It Comes to Creative Output and Growth

Information overload is real.

There is so much knowledge that it becomes a distraction.

So many books to read.

So many articles to scan.

Countless videos to watch.

Hundreds of newsletters to digest.

And on top of that, there are courses.

But not enough time to go through each, learn, note your lessons and apply what you learn.

An easy way out is to curate what you consume.

And be ruthless about what remains inside your curated list of books, videos, email newsletters,  and courses.

Don’t read a book that one book at a time, same for going through a course.

Reduce your email subscriptions to single digits. If you have hundreds of subscriptions, it may not be easy at first. So do it in phases. For initial pruning, use tools like

When reading a book, pause a course or defer enrolling in it.

And know why you are doing it?

Because you want to focus on one source of learning at one point and squeeze all the juice there is to use in your life or at work.

This way, you’ll be calm, have more space in your days to focus on what’s important, and learn and grow more than if you tried exploring hundreds of reasons in a week, only to end up completing none and wasting your time.

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