7 Things That Help a Wanna Be Author

Having these will help any wanna be author a lot.

  1. An editor. To turn your garbled thoughts into a book.
  2. An audience – without it you’ll find it tough to sell your book.
  3. A team, because producing and selling a book is not a one person job.
  4. A thick skin because a good editor will show you tough love, tell you where you went wrong and how to fix it. She will also recommend deleting the words you loved.
  5. A tight deadline, because a book will take as much time as you’ll give. I put together a 400 page book together in little over a month because I had a tight deadline.
  6. Experience (for a non-fiction book), because without it you’ll find it tough to write a good book.
  7. An accountability partner. She will save your wanting perfection and not doing any writing.

Let me know if you have these on your side.

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