How To Find a Winning Offer During the Early Days of Your Business

In the early days of Meta (earlier Facebook) Mark Zuckerberg famously made every single decision through the filter of “Does this help user growth?” If a feature did, they would make it, if not they wouldn’t.

While this kind of focus is helpful for conserving attention and focusing energies and resources, many newbie founders find it tough.

This is because in an early stage business founder often has not achieved product-market fit and is stretched across a number of ideas that she wants to test.

They want revenues to survive, that’s why they keep going after multiple ideas and offers.

But this is not a hopeless situation because such a founder can increase the speed of experimentation to arrive at a winning product that the market wants.

If there seem to be more than one offer than seems promising, see which of those is most profitable and which one you enjoy working on the most. Use a combination of these to find one to focus on.

A friend of mine, faced the same challenge and he decided to launch 25 offers in 25 weeks to find a winning product and product market fit. He found it midway through the challenge — a product that generated $1k in a month. He now plans to focus on that as his main product. He continues with the challenge though and in the process he may unearth other winning products.

Try and do the same, if you are in a similar position.

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