How To Find an Expert To Work With

Working with experts is one of the fastest ways to grow in any field.

But finding one who has the required experience and expertise and most importantly one who vibes with you and cares about your work, you and your goals is easier said than done.

More so when there are:

  • 69 million search results for “business growth expert”
  • 67.6 million for “business advisor”
  • 48.20 million for “business coach”
  • 31.2 million for “marketing coach”
  • 15.6 million for “”ceo coach” and 
  • 11.3 million for “business growth coach”

Here is how to find one that is right for you.

Ask your network for someone they recommend.

Even better, reach out to someone you already know.

Also look for signs of credibility, past credibility, a published book, or if they publish free advice somewhere and you like and trust that advice.

If you find someone like that, reach out and see if they offer a consultation call.

Experts who are confident about their value often charge for the call.

So pay, book a call, ask them questions and see if they offer solutions to some of your problems on the call itself.

If they do, ask them if they can help you 1:1 for a one time engagement.

Work with them, if they can.

See if you get more value through this engagement.

If you do, ask them if they have an offer where they can add ongoing value to your business.

If they do, start working with them on an ongoing basis and see if they can get you more value than what you are paying them – by saving you time, hassle or money.

If they do stick with them.

Based on my experience a top expert can save you from a ton of stress, and also help you save or earn money by keeping you clear of problems in their chosen area.

If you haven’t worked with an advisor or expert in the past a good time to engage with them is as soon as you can.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help.

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