Meeting Melinda Gates and How to Help a Mentor Help You

I remember meeting Melina Gates at a gathering of early TEDx curators and not having anything specific to ask or discuss.

There are times when I am on another side, and there are people reaching out for help.

As much as try to help, I am not able to help everyone in the same way.

How much value someone gets depends on how clear are they about what they want.

Many, like I was when I met Melinda Gates, do not have a clear idea of what they want.

If you want to be helped be clear on what you need help with.

With this, you make it easy for the person guiding you and you get more value out of your engagement.

Be specific in your ask and make sure to share as much detail as possible. That way the person guiding you has the complete context of where you are coming from and what situation you are in.

Always keep them in the loop about your progress and how you implemented their advice if you want continued interaction.

With this approach, you’ll maximize the value you get from a mentor or someone you reach out for guidance.

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