How To Build a Side-Hustle While in a Job

It’s smart to build a side hustle while you are working.

Because you are not risking your bread and butter to build something new.

But it is darn hard.

Not because of the effort it takes. Anyone can spend 1-2 hours extra every day and 4-5 hours over the weekend.

It’s because of the focus it takes.

Finding focus is tough, when you have a job and what it takes to do it well on your mind all the time.

It’s even tougher for anyone looking to climb the career ladder. Because if you want to build a side-hustle you’ll want to be in a job that is not too taxing.

So if you find a job, whether you won’t have to work long hours, the best way to build your side-hustle is to compartmentalize your days and do it. Schedule a time to work on your side hustle when anything job-related won’t bother you.

The best time for this is – early mornings, late nights, and weekends.

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