A High ROI Skill for Entrepreneurs That’s Obviously Undervalued

If it was not undervalued no entrepreneur will ever complain of being overworked or lack of time.

This skill is writing super depth instructions.

I am sure you did not expect this.

But this skill is worth its weight in gold.

Let me explain.

How often have you told yourself, “No one else can do it”, or “do it as well I do it” or “I have to  do it myself.”

Just because you won’t take time to break something into micro tasks and write detailed instructions for someone else to do it. And free yourself to focus on your highest leverage tasks that will grow you and your business.

Would you ever be able to start your business if you thought like that? No, you will still be spending time on household chores or cleaning, or whatever else you get help for right now.

Stop thinking that a high leverage task can’t be delegated.

It can be, how otherwise professional CEOs who did not start a billion-dollar business, run them. They do it because the founder or the board or both delegated the task of running that business to the CEO. Can anything else be more high leverage professionally?

Now stop being lazy and write those in-depth instructions for your high leverage task that will help someone else to do it close to how you do it.

And, if you don’t have anyone who you can delegate to, then hire someone first and do it fast.

ROI of hiring, writing in-depth instruction and delegating one or more of high-leverage tasks will be worth it.

And, the freedom to work on your own highest leverage activities? You can’t even imagine the happiness and value you’ll get out of it.

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