Trinity of Success

I found this trinity in 3 different videos I watched today.

# Gratefulness

I was watching ScoopWhop’s Town Hall interview with Zoya Akhtar.

There the interviewer asked a question Zoya a question, “Does Ranveer Singh have Redbull in his veins instead of blood?”

Zoya replied, “ No. He is one of the most grateful human beings I’ve met.”

She continued later that he takes nothing for granted and even after a 14-day outdoor shoot when others are dying to get back home, he can spend time to take selfies with fans.

# Passion

When watching a documentary on the life of the rapper Divine, at a point, Divine said rap was his first, second and third priority. One of his closest friends, JD, also said the same that rap was his one thing.

When does it happen? When you are really passionate about something.

During the early days in his rapping career, he wrote every day to a point where he said that the words started coming out of the pen itself. So, he had become really good at it by applying himself. He started rapping become he thought it was cool but then kept on doing it because he started enjoying it more than anything. He stuck, while his friends saw no future, and started looking for a job or other career options.

# Reason

Famed learning expert Jim Kwik shared the example of a person who he trained. She read 30 books in 30 days. He shared that she could read one book a day because she had the reason. Her mother was dying and she read everything she could to understand how she could save here.

Divine also worked hard because he wanted to bring her mother back, from Paris where she had worked for more than a decade to support her family as a single parent.

Whatever field you are in, ask yourself – “Am I grateful? Am I passionate about what I do? Do I have a burning reason to do it?” If you get a YES as an answer, success won’t be far from you.

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