Grow your business by solving customer problems

problem_solvedDo you run a business or planning to start one soon?

In both cases, you will be better off understanding challenges of your customers and providing them solutions through your products or services.

Your customers do not want to know — what new tools you are using or what is social media? May be they want to know a bit about it; but first and foremost they want to know what your offering can do for them.

You need to answer the questions and solve the problems.

If you run a business that serve businesses; think about typical challenges businesses face.

1. Getting more customers
2. Keeping in touch with them (to communicate and sell more)
3. Improving products
4. Getting more buzz by spending less
5. Finding a foothold in a market and moving to new markets
6. Staying ahead of the competition

If you are building a new web application challenges will still be the same. Additionally, you will have more chances to improve the product as the web is more dynamic in nature.

Whether you are in a business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) situation take time to;

  • Listen and understand: When you meet your customers focus on listening to them and understand their unique challenges.
  • Think about their challenges: Try to get into their shoes and think how you they feel. This will get you into a fine mode to think about their challenges.
  • Later provide relevant solutions: Customize as much possible. If you offer off-the-shelf products (or solutions in the form of Software-as —a-service) then take your offerings close to customer requirement.

Sure running a business is a wild ride but it is better done mindfully than as a mindless exercise.

When you do that – you will be happy to find and add more customer/s for your business. Your customers will be happy to find something that increases their joy by decreasing the hassles.

Let’s enjoy solving problems and growing our businesses.

Are you doing something similar or taking a different approach?

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